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People of Babel
  • Who are we and what do we do?

    People of Babel
    is Redback Games' new video game, Redback Games has been in heavy development since July 2017 with an estimated release date set for the end of 2019, People of Babel is a Science Fiction First Person Shooter Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set 40 years in the future where earth has been made uninhabitable by an advanced alien race known as the Rogtesh, They came to earth because they intercepted a signal humans sent out into the black and they thought that if humans could send a signal that far then there is a chance they could become a formidable foe so the Rogtesh attacked earth to eradicate any chance of humans ever rising to enough power to become a threat. It was a total extinction event only 9500 humans survived the onslaught, the humans want revenge on those who attacked earth!  

    The humans managed to get a hold of a Rogtesh ship that has been badly damaged and began work to restore it enough to get off earth. The last remaining humans have taken to the stars with their commandeered alien vessel and are now on their way to the Rogtesh homeworld to seek revenge! Be part of the story and join the war on the alien race that has made you homeless!


    We have a blog section which you can access below or above and our calendar displays any and all events/conventions we will be appearing at!

     If you would like to follow and support our development further please register for our website and/or join our Discord and chat with our Developers directly! https://discord.gg/m2hZjnd 

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Redback Games


  • Blogs

    1. Todd
      Latest Entry

      Not much to report other than we've been playing a little too much Stardew Valley and when our trance was broken we then had a meeting and structured required work along with deadlines for each department. The longer we keep at this the more we function like a company...I like it.

      In other news I've been taking a GoPro to my SES activities and callouts then editing them into little music clips for the entertainment of myself and my unit. kinda hard to post on our private facebook page when the 'copywrite' and 'royalty free' music keeps getting muted because facebook says 'it does not belong to you so we're gonna mute it'


      Todd: Chief Operating Officer

    2. Hey guys,

      Summative season has starting and I'm bursting through the starting line. I've already got half of my Communications Technology class summative done, English class done, Computer Engineering is nearing half way, and French is just out of the starting gates. I think I'll be blazing through this year in style! :D . I've picked up some lessons on music theory as well and some tips/tricks. So i'll be looking forward to integrating them into my music. Speaking of which, I've started putting more time into as school comes to its closure. 

      Aside from me mentioning my summatives for a 3rd time now, I would like to take this chance to welcome a new member into our team, Freestyle Anarchist! ❤️ :) 

      I hope he'll enjoy his time here and put some fantastic work out for the game. 

      I've also been starting to get attention from my music production (Don't worry RedBack I'm not leaking music I've made for the game). I sent out my soundtrack I made for school to some of my friends IRL to get their opinion and some online friends as well, and I've been getting amazing feedback. As a rookie this is a huge confidence boost (considering it's my first attempt at Drum and Bass style music). Doing this has already gotten me a public collaboration with another rookie artist who I've mentioned in my last blog. Hopefully this hobby turns into a full fledged career at RedBack and even here at home :) 

      Looking forward to making massive strides in the weeks to come with RedBack in the coming summer as well with myself. 

      Cheers guys!

      Weekly Meme:



    3. Hey there everyone,

      Nomad here for another installment of "The Ramblings of a CEO"

      This will be a short one this week as i have been very busy with personal stuff but in my down time from game design lately i have been playing some Stardew Valley multiplayer with the other staff members of Redback Games and so far its very enjoyable! There is so much to do and yet its not very big at like 300mb. Speaking of game sizes, we wete discussing a decision that had to be made on how big our game should be at maximum since we dont want it to be in the hundreds of gigs which is possible if we let our guard down and do not compress or optimize! 

      Anyway, this decision was discussed with staff first and we decided on 50gb for the base mmo game and 10gb maximum per DLC story expansion which we currently plan to have 3. So a total of 80gb at game completion! Now we thought we would put it to our discord community members and see what they think. Being that other MMO games are around that size it seems they agree that the 50gb for base game and 80gb at game completion is an acceptable number. So we will scrape as hard as we can to push the limits of game play while staying within these size limitations!

      Do you think we can do it?

      Nomad, signing out.



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